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From powerful cleaning products and safer shipping to 5-star customer care, the MAXIM product line offers everything you need from one reliable partner. Any way you look at it, MAXIM means more.

With MAXIM products, you and your customers can expect…

Diverse Product

Reliable Inventory &
Shorter Lead Times

More Cost &
Time Savings

Easier Training for
You & Your Customers

Reduced Carbon

Less Product Waste
& Confusion

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You need a partner with readily available cleaning chemicals, and we’re here to save the day. To ensure you have what you need in time, MAXIM products are available now for delivery direct to you. Go ahead… enjoy shorter lead times on every order with MAXIM.

MAXIM products are equipped with a
full suite of exclusive, innovative solutions…

PLUS Label System

Available on all MAXIM products, the PLUS Label System features multiple languages, numbered steps, and visual icons with clear descriptors to help you simplify cleaning and training while eliminating waste and confusion.

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Safe-to-Ship Packaging

Reduce your cost to serve and deliver to more doors with ease. Readily available in MAXIM quarts, gallons, and other sized products, Safe-to-Ship packaging is designed to help you stress less over costly spills during deliveries.

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FlexMax Packaging

Get the most out of your MAXIM floor strippers and finishes. This environmentally-responsible packaging empties completely, so you can reduce waste, lower your carbon footprint, and use up to 38% less storage space.

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Easy Dilution Solution (EDS)

Measure your product accurately and save on previously-wasted resources with this portable, hassle-free easy dilution control system. Available for select MAXIM products.

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Meet the Partner Behind the Products

The MAXIM product line is manufactured by Midlab in the nation’s first and only 100% LEED™ Gold-certified cleaning chemical manufacturing facility. With a continued commitment to improvement in areas like sustainability, innovation, and customer care, we’re proud to help keep Everything Clean for our valued partners and their customers. That’s the Midlab difference.

Home of MAXIM’s Facility+

Help protect what matters most with a gentle, hydrogen peroxide-based cleaner and disinfectant. This EPA-approved, multi-purpose product is made for use on most hard, non-porous surfaces, so you and your customers can clean more with less. 

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